Peppermint Disposable Nitrile gloves
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Peppermint Disposable Nitrile gloves

The product is a very thin, ambidextrous, powder free five-finger nitrile glove, with a completely textured surface, and a beaded / rolled edge cuff. They are very strong, so will not tear easily. They are powder free, to prevent problems with allergies and leaving a powdery residue on the hands.

Each box contains 100 disposable nitrile gloves. Please note: the gloves are a 'peppermint' blue colour but are NOT flavoured in any way. They are just pure nitrile gloves. Approved food safe.

Nitrile Gloves are a unique alternative to latex gloves. Formulated from 100% nitrile (a synthetic co-polymer, also known under the name of Carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene or NBR).

  • 100 % NON LATEX Gloves
    This glove contains NO natural rubber latex proteins, latex proteins is a source of latex allergies on the hand, this version is powder free, hypoallergenic and manufactured with reduced chemical content.
  • Low Modulus
    Nitrile Gloves are available with a low modulus formula that it doesn’t take a lot of force to stretch the glove, this makes the gloves. easy to don and remarkably comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  • Puncture Resistant
    They have the ability to resist minor punctures and abrasion, and Protect against chemical splashes.
  • No Fillers or Plasticizers
    No Phthalates or silicone in the gloves

    EN 374-1 :2003 tester: SATRA

    This is to certify that the product reference Peppermint Nitrile gloves Chlorinated or Polymer coated, has been tested to EN 374-1: 2003 clauses 5.1 and 5.2
    Penetration resistance: Pass

    B) The Product Peppermint nitrile glove comply to the following standards as set out in the council directive 93/42/ EEC on the approximation of the laws of the member estates relating top medical device directives. For the evaluation of the compliance with these directives , the following standards were applied:
    ASTM Standards test method (D6319-99), ASTM D 3577-91

    Food CP 45171
    C) TESTER TUV Rheinland
    The Product Peppermint nitrile glove has been tested for the suitability for contacts with foodstuffs and compliant to the following regulations
    EC directive, 02/72, 97/48 82/711, ,04/19, 85/572. 76 769, 89/109 German '30 and ' LMBG ( Lebemsmittel undbedarfsgegenstandendegesetz )

    02/72 : Commission directive 2002/72/EC , Materials and objects made of plastics, which are intended to come in contact with foods

    04/19: Commission directive 2004/19/EC of 1st March 2004
    Amendment to directive 2002/72/EC Materials and objects made of plastics, which are intended to come in contact with foods

    D) The product meets the overall migration limit as specified in EEC commission directive 90/128/EEC for the foodstuffs listed below in applications up to a temperature of 40?C for a contact time of 30 minutes. And is suitable for contact with all categories of foodstuffs as detailed in EEC council directive 85/572/EEC of 19 December 1985.
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