Hand Protection
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TEK 548 With its superb ventilation ability and good cut resistance; The TEK 548 Glove fits well, as it’s elasticity envelopes and molds the hand.
From £3.80
Logger Chainsaw Glove A water and oil resistant leather gloves with a protective cap on the knuckles of the left hand. Cut Level 5.
Klass Orange Latex Rubber Grip Construction Gloves
From £0.29
Armour Leather Glove Armour Glove Cut Level 5 Gloves made with leather.
£13.99 £7.99
TEK 549 -8 A comfortable and economical cut resistant level 3 glove, made with a HPPE fibre with a grey PU coating on the palm.
From £2.89
SH - 41 Boxing Glove
SH - 025 Motorbike Gloves
DEL 120 An excellent conductive glove with polutherene coated at the PALM.
From £1.25
TEK 1000 A cut resistant level 4 glove, but feels like a cut resistant level 2!
From £4.05
TEK 549-2 A very comfortable washable, cut-resistant glove, ideal for picking small sharp items. The glove is coated with a fine grey polyurethane coating on the palm and fingers to provide good grip when handling slippery objects.
From £4.05
TEK 549-3 This product is a five-finger cut resistant fibre knitted glove with cut resistant level 3 and a fine coating on the palm and on the fingers.
From £4.05
TEK 530 Coated on the front and back of the hand, the TEK 530 cut resistant glove has superb dexterity with a maximum cut resistance of level 5. Additionally TEK 530 has good heat resistance.
From £5.99
TEK 547 The TEK 547 is a cut resistant glove with SILICA dots for extra grip.
From £4.05
TEK 555 The TEK 555 is a Cut Resistant glove and sleeve together.
From £5.25
PROTECTA PLUS A cut level 5 glove.. but feels like you are wearing a cut level 2 glove.
From £4.10
Prima Cuff A cut level 4 sleeve. Light and comfortable. Available in two lengths
From £2.99
Peppermint Disposable Nitrile gloves A box of 100 disposable, strong 100% nitrile gloves.
From £4.25
Del 610 Thermal liner for working in cold conditions.
From £0.25
Vibrator Nylon Full Finger A low price 5 finger cotton and polyamide mixed Knitted glove, with a Black chloroprene absorbent coating on the palm and fingers for protection against shock and vibration.
From £8.90
Vibrator Nylon Half Finger Half finger polyamide and cotton Knitted glove with a black chloroprene absorbent coating on the palm and fingers for protection against shock and vibration.
From £6.85

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